for liblangtag 0.6.3 .

liblangtag API References
Database APIs
Database — convenient function sets to deal with the language tags database
Database - Extlang — An interface to access Extlang Database
Database - Grandfathered — An interface to access Grandfathered Database
Database - Language — An interface to access Language Database
Database - Redundant — An interface to access Redundant Database
Database - Region — An interface to access Region Database
Database - Relation — An interface to access relation database
Database - Script — An interface to access Script Database
Database - Variant — An interface to access Variant Database
Container APIs
Container - Extension — A container class for Extension subtag
Container - Extlang — A container class for Extlang subtag
Container - Grandfathered — A container class for Grandfathered subtag
Container - Language — A container class for Language subtag
Container - Redundant — A container class for Redundant subtag
Container - Region — A container class for Region subtag
Container - Script — A container class for Script subtag
Container - Tag — A container class for Language tag
Container - Variant — A container class for Variant subtag
Module APIs
Module - Accessor — A module class to extend features in lt_extension_t.
Module - Data — A container class for Extension module data.
Utilities APIs
Miscellaneous Macros — macros used in liblangtag
Error — Error handling
Doubly-Linked Lists — linked lists
Strings — text buffers which grow automatically as text is added
Iterator — An interface to iterate over the key/value pairs in an initiated object.
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotation Glossary