for libtracker-sparql "3.1.1" . The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at .

I. Overview
Connection methods
Connecting from Flatpak
II. Reference
TrackerResource — Represents a single Tracker resource
TrackerNamespaceManager — A set of well-known namespaces, and known abbreviations for them
TrackerSparqlConnection — Connection to SPARQL triple store
TrackerSparqlStatement — Prepared statements
TrackerSparqlCursor — Iteration of the query results
TrackerNotifier — Listen to changes in the Tracker database
TrackerEndpoint — Expose a database outside the process
TrackerBatch — Update batches
Utility Functions — miscellaneous functionality
Version Information — variables and functions to check Tracker version
TrackerSparqlError — Error codes
III. Base ontology
Dublin Core metadata (DC) — Common superproperties for documents
XML schema (XSD) — Basic types definitions (int, double,...)
Resource Description Framework (RDF) — Core RDF classes to keep the internal consistency of the ontology
Nepomuk Resource Language (NRL) — Properties describing the ontologies.
IV. Defining ontologies
Creating an ontology
Defining a namespace
Defining classes
Defining properties
Defining cardinality of properties
Defining uniqueness
Defining indexes
Defining full-text search properties
Predefined elements
Accompanying metadata
Updating an ontology
V. Examples
Querying the Store
Updating the Store
Updating the Store with Blank Nodes
VI. Implementation limits
VII. Performance dos and donts
Avoid queries with unrestricted predicates
Avoid the negated property path
Specify graphs wherever possible
Avoid substring matching
Use TrackerSparqlStatement
VIII. SPARQL as understood by Tracker
The default graph
Blank nodes
Property functions
Syntax extensions
Mapping IDs and IRIs
Parameters and prepared statements
Full-text search
IX. Builtin SPARQL functions
String functions
DateTime functions
Full-text search functions
URI functions
Geolocation functions
Identification functions
Migrating from libtracker-sparql 1.x to 2.0
Stricter SPARQL1.1
No getters for direct/bus SPARQL connections
TrackerSparqlBuilder is deprecated
Migrating from libtracker-sparql 2.x to 3.0
Graph semantics
No libtracker-control
No libtracker-miner
No tracker_sparql_connection_load()/load_async()/load_finish()
No tracker_sparql_connection_statistics()/statistics_async()/statistics_finish()
No tracker_notifier_new()
Different signature of TrackerNotifier::events signal
Return value change in tracker_sparql_connection_update_array()
No tracker_sparql_connection_get()/get_async()
No tracker_sparql_connection_set_domain
No priority argument on SPARQL updates
X. SPARQL tutorial
RDF Triples
Annotation Glossary