QMediaBindableInterface Class

The QMediaBindableInterface class is the base class for objects extending media objects functionality. More...

Header: #include <QMediaBindableInterface>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherited By:

QCameraImageCapture, QGraphicsVideoItem, QMediaPlaylist, QMediaRecorder, QRadioData, and QVideoWidget

Public Functions

virtual ~QMediaBindableInterface()
virtual QMediaObject *mediaObject() const = 0

Protected Functions

virtual bool setMediaObject(QMediaObject *object) = 0

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QMediaBindableInterface::~QMediaBindableInterface()

Destroys a media helper object.

[pure virtual] QMediaObject *QMediaBindableInterface::mediaObject() const

Return the currently attached media object.

See also setMediaObject().

[pure virtual protected] bool QMediaBindableInterface::setMediaObject(QMediaObject *object)

Attaches to the media object. Returns true if attached successfully, otherwise returns false.

See also mediaObject().