Core API Documentation

This is the beginning of a manual for core kernel APIs. The conversion (and writing!) of documents for this manual is much appreciated!

Core utilities

This section has general and “core core” documentation. The first is a massive grab-bag of kerneldoc info left over from the docbook days; it should really be broken up someday when somebody finds the energy to do it.

Data structures and low-level utilities

Library functionality that is used throughout the kernel.

Concurrency primitives

How Linux keeps everything from happening at the same time. See locking for more related documentation.

Low-level hardware management

Cache management, managing CPU hotplug, etc.

Memory management

How to allocate and use memory in the kernel. Note that there is a lot more memory-management documentation in Linux Memory Management Documentation.

Interfaces for kernel debugging

Everything else

Documents that don’t fit elsewhere or which have yet to be categorized.