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Add instructions for sharing ccache with other user

Martchus 10 months ago
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@ -215,6 +215,22 @@ you start the server with has permissions to read and write there. Otherwise the
configure errors can be confusing. Internally the server is mounting that directory like
described in [the wiki](
If you want to use the existing `ccache` directory owned by your current user, you could do
the following to grant the `buildservice` user access to it:
1. Add new group for accessing the cache and add the users to it:
`sudo groupadd ccache`, `sudo usermod -a -G ccache "$USER"`, `sudo usermod -a -G ccache buildservice`
2. Set group ownership: `sudo chown -R $USER:ccache $ccache_dir`
3. Ensure dirs are readable by the group and that the group is inherited:
`sudo find "$ccache_dir" -type d -exec chmod 2775 {} \+`
4. Ensure that all files are readable by the group:
`sudo find "$ccache_dir" -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \+`
5. Add `umask = 002` to the ccache config so new files/dirs created by it are fully accessible by
the group.
6. Patch `devtools` so additional groups are configured within the container (see
Note that ccache *slows* down the initial compilation. It is only useful to enable it if rebuilds
with only slight changes are expected. Currently it is *not* possible to enable/disable ccache usage
per package (e.g. via a regex).