Experimental project containing INOFFICIAL tools to manage custom Arch Linux repositories; built on top of tools provided by the pacman and devtools packages.
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#include "../global.h"
#include "../parser/utils.h"
#include <reflective_rapidjson/binary/reflector-chronoutilities.h>
#include <reflective_rapidjson/binary/serializable.h>
#include <reflective_rapidjson/json/reflector-chronoutilities.h>
#include <reflective_rapidjson/json/serializable.h>
#include <c++utilities/chrono/datetime.h>
#include <cstring>
#include <limits>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
namespace LibPkg {
* \brief The InstallStatus enum specifies whether a package has been installed explicitly or as dependency.
enum class InstallStatus { Explicit = 0, AsDependency = 1, Unknown = 20 };
* \brief Either unknown, true or false.
enum class UnknownTrueFalse : unsigned char { Unknown, True, False };
* \brief The PackageValidation enum specifies methods used to validate a package.
* \remarks ALMP type: alpm_pkgvalidation_t
enum class PackageValidation { Unknown = 0, None = (1 << 0), Md5Sum = (1 << 1), Sha256Sum = (1 << 2), PgpSignature = (1 << 3) };
constexpr PackageValidation operator|(PackageValidation lhs, PackageValidation rhs)
return static_cast<PackageValidation>(static_cast<int>(lhs) | static_cast<int>(rhs));
constexpr bool operator&(PackageValidation lhs, PackageValidation rhs)
return (static_cast<int>(lhs) & static_cast<int>(rhs)) != 0;
constexpr int operator~(PackageValidation lhs)
return ~static_cast<int>(lhs);
inline PackageValidation &operator|=(PackageValidation &lhs, PackageValidation rhs)
lhs = static_cast<PackageValidation>(static_cast<int>(lhs) | static_cast<int>(rhs));
return lhs;
inline PackageValidation &operator&=(PackageValidation &lhs, int rhs)
lhs = static_cast<PackageValidation>(static_cast<int>(lhs) & rhs);
return lhs;
* \brief The DependencyMode enum specifies the version constraints in dependency specs.
* \remarks ALPM: alpm_depmod_t
enum class DependencyMode {
Any = 1, /*! No version constraint */
Equal, /*! Test version equality (package=x.y.z) */
GreatherEqual, /*! Test for at least a version (package>=x.y.z) */
LessEqual, /*! Test for at most a version (package<=x.y.z) */
GreatherThan, /*! Test for greater than some version (package>x.y.z) */
LessThan /*! Test for less than some version (package<x.y.z) */
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT Dependency : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<Dependency>,
public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<Dependency> {
explicit Dependency() = default;
explicit Dependency(const std::string &name, const std::string &version = std::string(), DependencyMode mode = DependencyMode::Any,
const std::string &description = std::string());
explicit Dependency(const char *denotation, std::size_t denotationSize = std::numeric_limits<std::size_t>::max());
explicit Dependency(std::string_view denotation);
bool operator==(const Dependency &other) const;
bool matches(const Dependency &other) const;
static bool matches(const DependencyMode mode, const std::string &version1, const std::string &version2);
static Dependency fromString(const char *dependency, std::size_t dependencySize = std::numeric_limits<std::size_t>::max());
static Dependency fromString(std::string_view dependency);
std::string toString() const;
std::string name;
std::string version;
std::string description;
DependencyMode mode = DependencyMode::Any;
inline Dependency::Dependency(const std::string &name, const std::string &version, DependencyMode mode, const std::string &description)
: name(name)
, version(version)
, description(description)
, mode(mode)
inline Dependency::Dependency(std::string_view denotation)
: Dependency(denotation.data(), denotation.size())
inline bool Dependency::operator==(const Dependency &other) const
return name == other.name && version == other.version && description == other.description && mode == other.mode;
inline bool Dependency::matches(const Dependency &other) const
return name == other.name && matches(other.mode, other.version, version);
inline Dependency Dependency::fromString(const char *denotation, size_t denotationSize)
return Dependency(denotation, denotationSize);
inline Dependency Dependency::fromString(std::string_view dependency)
return Dependency(dependency);
} // namespace LibPkg
namespace std {
template <> struct hash<LibPkg::Dependency> {
std::size_t operator()(const LibPkg::Dependency &dep) const
using std::hash;
using DepModeType = typename std::underlying_type<LibPkg::DependencyMode>::type;
return ((hash<string>()(dep.name) ^ (hash<string>()(dep.version) << 1)) >> 1)
^ ((hash<string>()(dep.description) << 4) ^ (hash<DepModeType>()(static_cast<DepModeType>(dep.mode)) << 1) >> 1);
} // namespace std
namespace LibPkg {
LIBPKG_EXPORT std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &o, const DependencyMode &mode);
LIBPKG_EXPORT std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &o, const Dependency &dependency);
LIBPKG_EXPORT std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &o, const std::vector<Dependency> &dependencies);
struct SourceFile : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<SourceFile>, public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<SourceFile> {
std::string path;
std::string contents;
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT SourceInfo : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<SourceInfo>,
public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<SourceInfo> {
std::string name;
std::vector<std::string> archs; // archs specified in base package
std::vector<Dependency> makeDependencies;
std::vector<Dependency> checkDependencies;
std::string maintainer;
std::int64_t id = 0;
std::int64_t category = 0;
std::int64_t votes = 0;
CppUtilities::DateTime outOfDate;
CppUtilities::DateTime firstSubmitted;
CppUtilities::DateTime lastModified;
std::string url;
std::vector<SourceFile> sources;
std::string directory;
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT PackageInfo : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<PackageInfo>,
public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<PackageInfo> {
std::string fileName;
std::vector<std::string> files;
CppUtilities::DateTime buildDate;
std::string packager;
std::string md5;
std::string sha256;
std::string pgpSignature;
std::string arch; // arch of concrete binary package
std::uint32_t size = 0;
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT InstallInfo : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<InstallInfo>,
public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<InstallInfo> {
CppUtilities::DateTime installDate;
std::uint32_t installedSize = 0;
std::vector<std::string> backupFiles;
InstallStatus installStatus = InstallStatus::Unknown;
PackageValidation validationMethods = PackageValidation::None;
* \brief The PackageVersionComparison enum defines possible results of packages version comparison.
enum class PackageVersionComparison {
Equal, /*!< The version of this package is the same as the version of the package from the sync db. */
SoftwareUpgrade, /*!< The software version of the package from the sync db is newer. */
PackageUpgradeOnly, /*!< The package release number of the package from the sync db is newer. */
NewerThanSyncVersion /*!< The version of this package is NEWER then the version of the package from the sync db. */
LIBPKG_EXPORT std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &o, const PackageVersionComparison &res);
* \brief The ComparsionResult enum defines possible results of the package version part comparison
* provided by PackageVersion::compareParts().
enum class PackageVersionPartComparison {
Equal, /*!< Both parts are equal. */
Newer, /*!< Part 1 is newer then part 2. */
Older /*!< Part 2 is newer then part 1. */
LIBPKG_EXPORT std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &o, const PackageVersionPartComparison &res);
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT PackageVersion : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<Dependency> {
static PackageVersion fromString(const char *versionString, std::size_t versionStringSize);
static PackageVersion fromString(const std::string &versionString);
static PackageVersionPartComparison compareParts(const std::string &part1, const std::string &part2, bool allowImplicitPkgRel = false);
static std::string trimPackageVersion(const std::string &versionString);
PackageVersionComparison compare(const PackageVersion &other) const;
static PackageVersionComparison compare(const std::string &versionString1, const std::string &versionString2);
static bool isNewer(PackageVersionComparison comparison);
std::string toString() const;
std::string epoch;
std::string upstream;
std::string package;
inline PackageVersion PackageVersion::fromString(const std::string &versionString)
return fromString(versionString.data(), versionString.size());
inline PackageVersionComparison PackageVersion::compare(const std::string &versionString1, const std::string &versionString2)
return fromString(versionString1).compare(fromString(versionString2));
inline bool PackageVersion::isNewer(PackageVersionComparison comparison)
return comparison == PackageVersionComparison::SoftwareUpgrade || comparison == PackageVersionComparison::PackageUpgradeOnly;
* \brief The PackageOrigin enum specifies where the information contained by a Package object come from.
* This is useful to know because the different origins provide a different information. For instance, a Package
* which has only been created from a file name (via Package::fromPkgFileName()) will not contain any dependencies.
enum class PackageOrigin {
Default, /*!< The package has been default-constructed. That means the package instance is empty. */
PackageFileName, /*!< A package file name has been parsed via Package::fromPkgFileName(). */
SourceInfo, /*!< A .SRCINFO file has been parsed via Package::fromInfo(). */
PackageInfo, /*!< A .PKGINFO file has been parsed via Package::fromInfo(). */
Database, /*!< A description file from a database has been parsed via Package::fromDescription(). */
PackageContents, /*!< A binary package has been parsed via Package::fromPkgFile(). */
AurRpcInfo, /*!< A JSON document from the AUR RPC (info, multiinfo) has been parsed via Package::fromAurRpcJson(). */
CustomSource, /*! The package info has been populated from a custom source. */
AurRpcSearch, /*!< A JSON document from the AUR RPC (search) has been parsed via Package::fromAurRpcJson(). */
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT PackageNameData {
std::string compose() const;
std::string variant() const;
bool isVcsPackage() const;
static PackageNameData decompose(std::string_view packageName);
std::string_view actualName;
std::string_view targetPrefix;
std::string_view vcsSuffix;
struct DependencySet;
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT Package : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<Package>, public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<Package> {
Package() = default;
Package(const Package &other);
Package(Package &&other) = default;
bool providesDependency(const Dependency &dependency) const;
static void exportProvides(
const std::shared_ptr<Package> &package, DependencySet &destinationProvides, std::unordered_set<std::string> &destinationLibProvides);
bool isSame(const Package &other) const;
PackageVersionComparison compareVersion(const Package &other) const;
std::string computeFileName(const char *extension = "pkg.tar.zst") const;
std::string computeRegularPackageName() const;
PackageNameData decomposeName() const;
void addInfoFromPkgInfoFile(const std::string &info);
void addDepsAndProvidesFromContainedDirectory(const std::string &directoryPath);
void addDepsAndProvidesFromContainedFile(const ArchiveFile &file, std::set<std::string> &dllsReferencedByImportLibs);
void addDepsAndProvidesFromContents(const FileMap &contents);
std::vector<std::string> processDllsReferencedByImportLibs(std::set<std::string> &&dllsReferencedByImportLibs);
bool addDepsAndProvidesFromOtherPackage(const Package &otherPackage, bool force = false);
bool isArchAny() const;
static bool isPkgInfoFileOrBinary(const char *filePath, const char *fileName, mode_t mode);
static bool isLicense(const char *filePath, const char *fileName, mode_t mode);
static std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Package>> fromInfo(const std::string &info, bool isPackageInfo = false);
static std::shared_ptr<Package> fromDescription(const std::vector<std::string> &descriptionParts);
static std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Package>> fromDatabaseFile(FileMap &&databaseFile);
static std::shared_ptr<Package> fromPkgFile(const std::string &path);
static std::tuple<std::string_view, std::string_view, std::string_view> fileNameComponents(std::string_view fileName);
static std::shared_ptr<Package> fromPkgFileName(std::string_view fileName);
static std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Package>> fromAurRpcJson(
const char *jsonData, std::size_t jsonSize, PackageOrigin origin = PackageOrigin::AurRpcInfo);
PackageOrigin origin = PackageOrigin::Default;
CppUtilities::DateTime timestamp;
std::string name;
std::string version;
std::vector<std::string> archs; // set if a split package overrides the base archs; if empty, archs from sourceInfo apply
std::string description;
std::string upstreamUrl;
std::vector<std::string> licenses;
std::vector<std::string> groups;
std::vector<Dependency> dependencies;
std::vector<Dependency> optionalDependencies;
std::vector<Dependency> conflicts;
std::vector<Dependency> provides;
std::vector<Dependency> replaces;
std::set<std::string> libprovides;
std::set<std::string> libdepends;
std::shared_ptr<SourceInfo> sourceInfo;
std::unique_ptr<PackageInfo> packageInfo;
std::unique_ptr<InstallInfo> installInfo;
inline Package::Package(const Package &other)
: origin(other.origin)
, timestamp(other.timestamp)
, name(other.name)
, version(other.version)
, description(other.description)
, upstreamUrl(other.upstreamUrl)
, licenses(other.licenses)
, groups(other.groups)
, dependencies(other.dependencies)
, optionalDependencies(other.optionalDependencies)
, conflicts(other.conflicts)
, provides(other.provides)
, replaces(other.replaces)
, sourceInfo(other.sourceInfo)
, packageInfo()
, installInfo()
inline bool Package::isSame(const Package &other) const
return name == other.name && version == other.version;
inline PackageNameData Package::decomposeName() const
return PackageNameData::decompose(name);
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT DependencyDetail : public ReflectiveRapidJSON::JsonSerializable<DependencyDetail>,
public ReflectiveRapidJSON::BinarySerializable<DependencyDetail> {
DependencyDetail(const std::string &version = std::string(), DependencyMode mode = DependencyMode::Any,
const std::unordered_set<std::shared_ptr<Package>> &relevantPackages = std::unordered_set<std::shared_ptr<Package>>());
DependencyDetail(std::string &&version, DependencyMode mode);
std::string version;
DependencyMode mode = DependencyMode::Any;
std::unordered_set<std::shared_ptr<Package>> relevantPackages;
inline DependencyDetail::DependencyDetail(
const std::string &version, DependencyMode mode, const std::unordered_set<std::shared_ptr<Package>> &relevantPackages)
: version(version)
, mode(mode)
, relevantPackages(relevantPackages)
inline DependencyDetail::DependencyDetail(std::string &&version, DependencyMode mode)
: version(move(version))
, mode(mode)
using DependencySetBase = std::unordered_multimap<std::string, DependencyDetail>;
struct LIBPKG_EXPORT DependencySet : public DependencySetBase {
DependencySetBase::iterator find(const Dependency &dependency);
DependencySetBase::iterator find(const std::string &dependencyName, const DependencyDetail &dependencyDetail);
DependencySetBase::iterator findExact(const Dependency &dependency);
DependencySetBase::iterator findExact(const std::string &dependencyName, const DependencyDetail &dependencyDetail);
bool provides(const Dependency &dependency) const;
bool provides(const std::string &dependencyName, const DependencyDetail &dependencyDetail) const;
DependencySetBase::iterator add(const Dependency &dependency, const std::shared_ptr<Package> &relevantPackage);
DependencySetBase::iterator add(
const std::string &dependencyName, const DependencyDetail &dependencyDetail, const std::shared_ptr<Package> &relevantPackage);
DependencySetBase::iterator add(std::string &&dependencyName, DependencyDetail &&dependencyDetail);
void remove(const Dependency &dependency, const std::shared_ptr<Package> &relevantPackage);
void remove(const std::string &name);
} // namespace LibPkg
namespace ReflectiveRapidJSON {