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@ -23,16 +23,17 @@ The library utilizes:
#### Build-only dependencies
* C++ compiler supporting C++11, tested with
- GNU g++
- mingw-w64
- Clang
* CMake, tested 3.5.1 and 3.6.0
- mingw-w64 g++
- Cygwin g++
* CMake (at least 3.3.0)
* cppunit for unit tests (optional)
* Doxygen for API documentation (optional)
* Graphviz for diagrams in the API documentation (optional)
#### Runtime dependencies
* The c++utilities library itself only needs
- the C/C++ standard library
- C/C++ standard library supporting C++11
- libiconv (might be part of glibc or provided as extra library)
* For dependencies of my other projects check the of these projects.
@ -68,7 +69,8 @@ make DESTDIR="/temporary/install/location" install-mingw-w64-strip
During development I find it useful to build all required projects (for instace c++utilities, qtutilities, tagparser and tageditor) as one big project.
This can be easily achieved by using CMake's ```add_subdirectory()``` function. For project files
see the repository [subdirs](
see the repository [subdirs]( For an example, see
[build instructions for Syncthing Tray](
For a debug build, just use ```-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug```.
@ -80,10 +82,15 @@ PKGBUILD files to build for Windows using the Mingw-w64 compiler are also includ
#### RPM packages
RPM \*.spec files can be found at [openSUSE Build Servide](
Those files have only been tested under Tumbleweed so far.
#### Gentoo
Packages are provided by perfect7gentleman; checkout his [repository](
#### Cygwin
Scripts to build with Cygwin are provided by svnpenn. Checkout his
### General notes
* There is a workaround for [GCC Bug 66145]( provided
in io/catchiofailure.h.