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# c++utilities
Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities.
## Features
The library utilizes:
* parsing command-line arguments
* chronology (DateTime and TimeSpan classes)
* conversion of primitive data types to byte-buffers (litte-endian, big-endian) and vice versa
* common string conversions/operations, eg.
- split, join, findAndReplace
- numberToString, stringToNumber
- encodeBase64, decodeBase64
* IO
- reading/writing primitive data types of various sizes (little-endian, big-endian)
- reading/writing terminated strings and size-prefixed strings
- bitwise reading
- parsing INI files
## Build instructions
### Requirements
* C++ compiler supporting C++11 (I've tested GNU g++, Clang and mingw-w64 yet.)