313 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Martchus c1e93738b6 Fix condition for avoiding `-static` flag 2 months ago
Martchus 58c3506ca0 Add opt-out for enforcing static linkage (when generally aiming for static linkage) 2 months ago
Martchus 28a35e9673 Remove project name from headers dir if it already starts with it 2 months ago
Martchus f20ea87f32 Fix using arguments in `configure_test_target` 7 months ago
Martchus 9cbff29c9e Fix passing application path when invoking tests 7 months ago
Martchus 11574209b3 Add experimental support for generating coverage report via gcc/gcov/lcov 7 months ago
Martchus 37c2b920d0 Remove obsolete check when configuring coverage with Clang 7 months ago
Martchus 5563776061 Expose test name (created via `TestTarget.cmake`) for fixing downstream bug 8 months ago
Martchus 5509caff89 Remove unused `META_CONFIG_PREFIX` 8 months ago
Martchus 072b7b5136 Apply cmake-format 8 months ago
Hannah Rittich b8eee6d9d6 Fix namespace for file names 8 months ago
Hannah Rittich 3730830880 Added namespace for file names 8 months ago
Martchus 9c9a47e551 Define `QT_STATICPLUGIN` when building static Qt plugins 8 months ago
Martchus 030e6a2034 Source required packages before adding target 9 months ago
Martchus 3a52ae5e22 Prevent attempt to strip import lib for static plugin 9 months ago
Martchus 48c7906bf6 Do not export include dirs for plugins 9 months ago
Martchus 18295c98ec Fix exporting list of required CMake packages 9 months ago
Martchus 6d0148e2c3 Allow overriding BUILD_SHARED_LIBS via a project-specific cache variable 9 months ago
Martchus af0294f0fb Apply cmake-format 9 months ago
Martchus 1b6ffb561a Fix locating files which are directly under the data dir (and not in the cmake dir) 9 months ago
Martchus 643112931c Fix wrong usage of `APPEND` when marking Windows resource file as generated 9 months ago
Martchus f55dc67a93 Fix `option(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS …)` 9 months ago
Martchus 8961cf3a32 Add `META_TIDY_EXCLUDE_REGEX` to exclude files from tidy target 10 months ago
Martchus 2de07d4cd0 Consider `*.cc` and `*.hh` files formatable 10 months ago
Martchus db87472be9 Unify and improve code for finding OpenSSL 11 months ago
Martchus eace9b44ec Fix linking statically against OpenSSL 11 months ago
Martchus 5291c746df Show warning when OpenSSL can be found but imported targets are not present 11 months ago
Martchus b3ebe5ce38 Fix typos found via `codespell --skip .git -w` 11 months ago
Martchus 6d1f242edc Fix typo 11 months ago
Martchus 2d50799cff Set C++ standard within `use_standard_filesystem()` in a generic way 11 months ago
Martchus e961eb9726 Extend compile test for standard filesystem 12 months ago
Martchus 7cea979261 Remove obsolete comment about ios_base::failure and new ABI 1 year ago
Martchus 6d5045c2b1 Port away from deprecated WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module 1 year ago
Martchus e2a7d807a3 Disable warnings about unused const variables 1 year ago
Martchus 9c532cbdd9 Ignore unknown warning options 1 year ago
Martchus d38a9bb776 Disable/weaken a few warnings again which don't seem to be very usefull after all 1 year ago
Martchus f5aeeb77aa Add CMake variable to enable defaults useful for development 1 year ago
Martchus 5b8520d50c Add CMake variables to conveniently enable warnings and treat them as errors 1 year ago
Martchus cd43879390 Remove uses of USES_TERMINAL without COMMAND again as it is not possible 1 year ago
Martchus 4fc415ed5a Allow following test output live when building with ninja 1 year ago
Martchus d1e3a28277 Apply cmake-format 1 year ago
Martchus cabcc11d3e Incorporate extra target suffix used when targeting MinGW in pkg-config file 1 year ago
Martchus 7fb2a9ed73 Avoid duplicating the `lib` prefix in the pkg-config file 1 year ago
Martchus 0be639ea97 Use `-lfoo` form in pkg-config file if dependency doesn't look like a path 1 year ago
Martchus b1b0c10366 Prevent reading library properties from interface library targets 1 year ago
Martchus 9fb3bbe179 Export a target for using only headers of a library 1 year ago
Martchus 27c8a17f99 Allow enforcing absence of a target suffix for Syncthing Tray's test helper 1 year ago
Martchus 47f7252bc0 Remove leftover message from debugging 1 year ago
Martchus 7ad2a9818d Support target suffix when generating the dependency list for the config header 1 year ago
Martchus a5d2aa15e0 Support Qt 6 modules when generating the dependency list for the config header 1 year ago