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Martchus 203679bf32 Document that delimiter for splitString*() must not be empty 4 months ago
Martchus b3ebe5ce38 Fix typos found via `codespell --skip .git -w` 5 months ago
Martchus 2e93882882 Reduce redundant code in stringconversion.h 6 months ago
Martchus 3afed30760 Detect overflow in functions to convert strings to numbers 6 months ago
Martchus d5e35e460c Fix a few details in string conversion functions 6 months ago
Martchus 63955ffcc5 Avoid including ranges header under reflective-rapidjson's generator 7 months ago
Martchus 6d5045c2b1 Port away from deprecated WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module 7 months ago
Martchus f549285fde Fix splitString()/splitStringSimple() for case of empty trailing part 7 months ago
Martchus b43de126b9 Retain source compatibility of numberToString()/stringToNumber() 8 months ago
Martchus a30ba0c147 Ensure still the right stringToNumber() overload is called for char arrays 8 months ago
Martchus 42132719e5 Remove comments about std::expected (which didn't even make it into C++20) 8 months ago
Martchus 8c033ca243 Fix warnings 8 months ago
Martchus 3c8eb5a333 Apply clang-format 9 months ago
Martchus cc63c8c250 Improve parameter-passing in some string conversion functions 9 months ago
Martchus 6968716d5c Avoid using substr in splitString()/splitStringSimple() 9 months ago
Martchus 27e9761f63 Adjust conditions for C++20 for g++ 10 months ago
Martchus c61a1784ec Allow using splitStringSimple() with `std::unordered_set` in C++20 10 months ago
Martchus 70f827c78e Apply clang-format 1 year ago
Martchus a26f3d7e1a Avoid instantiating an std::string for find and replace parameters 1 year ago
Martchus b363498f53 Allow specifying return type in joinStrings() 1 year ago
Martchus bf8e0db87f Construct tuple in in string builder directly 2 years ago
Martchus 8744cf95ef Ensure no copy is made when using argsToString() 2 years ago
Martchus 1154ed4d1c Improve exception messages of NativeFileStream 2 years ago
Martchus 7204bc6f06 Support using string builder with types convertible to target string type 2 years ago
Martchus a5283535cc Support nested tuples in string builder 2 years ago
Martchus 7376a2bb9b Support string builder operator '+' for std::string_view 2 years ago
Martchus b8a60a0cd4 Support string builder operator '%' for std::string_view 2 years ago
Martchus 8e3aa84780 Support std::string_view in stringbuilder.h 2 years ago
Martchus 4e3393ee72 Apply clang-format 2 years ago
Martchus 1177381521 Add CppUtilities::endsWith() 2 years ago
Martchus 2cdde81077 Fix startsWith() if strings are equal 2 years ago
Martchus b693c72eb1 Fix old namespaces being mentioned in the documentation 2 years ago
Martchus b48b2f5c06 Have everything in one top-level namespace 3 years ago
Martchus 54aaad49a3 Use std::forward in argsToString() 3 years ago
Martchus eef6cd2f9e Use constexpr or inline in stringbuilder where possible 3 years ago
Martchus 9a50d2b8df Remove types 3 years ago
Martchus f40a800107 Remove USE_NOTHROW and make ConversionException inline 4 years ago
Martchus 264a349751 Remove widen.h, use iconv based string conversion instead 4 years ago
Martchus 41fa627ef4 Apply tidy 3 years ago
Martchus 7452d44e64 Prevent formatting bitrate as "-NaN GiB/s" 3 years ago
Martchus a0dff23c26 Remove extra handling for big endian 3 years ago
Martchus fe4d2b5778 Improve readability of endianness detection 3 years ago
Martchus 8e32fc0229 Apply clang-format 3 years ago
Martchus 5356d793fc Make all tests pass under Windows 3 years ago
Martchus 8e3c40abb5 Make conversion from multi byte to wide string generic 3 years ago
Martchus 3a14d39a14 Add conversion from const char* to float/double 3 years ago
Martchus a6eefc3ab6 Fix documentation of string conversion functions 3 years ago
Martchus 651720552e Replace typedef's with using 3 years ago
Marius Kittler 7e4d9a6c59 Add missing header to fix compilation with GCC 4.9 3 years ago
Martchus 97aac2424a Reduce block-nesting in joinStrings() 3 years ago