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Martchus 293b18b607 Mark destructor of NativeFileStream as override 1 year ago
Martchus 5bed21c9d2 Improve NativeFileStream 2 years ago
Martchus b48b2f5c06 Have everything in one top-level namespace 3 years ago
Marius Kittler 132f936c57 Remove workaround for GCC Bug 66145 3 years ago
Marius Kittler 07a74d5fa8 Rename openFromFileDescriptor() to open() 3 years ago
Marius Kittler 4449198711 Remove file handle from NativeFileStream 3 years ago
Martchus da0cf4ff29 Fix build under Android platform >= 24 3 years ago
Martchus 7b04bd8ef5 Fix building NativeFileStream with libc++ 3 years ago
Martchus 749eea2ab6 Support NativeFileStream via Boost.Iostreams 3 years ago
Martchus 2186ce15d9 Use using instead of typedef 3 years ago
Martchus 5c9a834236 Implement NativeFileStream under Unix/Linux/Android as well 3 years ago
Martchus df7a3ee93c Apply clang-format from LLVM 6 4 years ago
Martchus db46948f2f Apply clang-format 5 years ago
Martchus 59e20b1043 Apply clang-format 5 years ago
Martchus 06af1c4a73 Use std::make_unique provided by C++14 5 years ago
Martchus 9d91cfca07 Add NativeFileStream to support unicode filenames under Windows 5 years ago