139 Commits (55637760618c4b07ded59c18583e265b7b5400a3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Martchus 5563776061 Expose test name (created via `TestTarget.cmake`) for fixing downstream bug 3 months ago
Martchus 6d0148e2c3 Allow overriding BUILD_SHARED_LIBS via a project-specific cache variable 4 months ago
Martchus c2ab0d8e29 Document `CMAKE_FIND_DEBUG_MODE` 6 months ago
Martchus 6558ff487a Add BufferSearch (from arch-repo-manager) to use it in syncthingtray as well 6 months ago
Martchus db87472be9 Unify and improve code for finding OpenSSL 7 months ago
Martchus 8bda5ce146 Bump patch version 7 months ago
Martchus 1ac1104535 Add workaround for Windows-specific console problems 8 months ago
Martchus 6d5045c2b1 Port away from deprecated WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module 8 months ago
Martchus f549285fde Fix splitString()/splitStringSimple() for case of empty trailing part 9 months ago
Martchus c61a1784ec Allow using splitStringSimple() with `std::unordered_set` in C++20 12 months ago
Martchus 566d1cc42a Bump patch version 1 year ago
Martchus 9e940a7858 Add helper to modify a flag enum 1 year ago
Martchus c6095fbaf8 Add –formattedPhraseString() 1 year ago
Martchus b84a8fb5e5 Document META_QT_VERSION variable 1 year ago
Martchus 1f4fabcd9f Add operators '*' and '/' to TimeSpan 1 year ago
Martchus 3a8ae77477 Improve handling configuration suffix 1 year ago
Martchus a26f3d7e1a Avoid instantiating an std::string for find and replace parameters 1 year ago
Martchus 26b6ef0486 Avoid 'not a git repository (or any of the parent directories)' during configuration 1 year ago
Martchus 6f6c2e607f Reformat CMakeLists.txt with cmake-format 0.6.11 1 year ago
Martchus b363498f53 Allow specifying return type in joinStrings() 2 years ago
Martchus a9453483a7 Allow adding test targets manually 2 years ago
Martchus 52722be407 Add test helper execHelperAppInSearchPath() 2 years ago
Martchus 5dbcd1b391 Update README.md 2 years ago
Martchus 4b67736adf Add DateTime::toIsoStringWithCustomDelimiters() 2 years ago
Martchus 53b4cbd8e9 Make fake Qt arguments operations 2 years ago
Martchus 7204bc6f06 Support using string builder with types convertible to target string type 2 years ago
Martchus 115133b7a5 Use target name for bash completion file 2 years ago
Martchus f5e275288d Reformat CMake files with cmake-format 0.6.7 2 years ago
Martchus 5020214498 Add function to get string representation of phrase 2 years ago
Martchus 9d8135bfd7 Require CMake 3.3.0 in all modules 2 years ago
Martchus 8e6854985f Mention CMAKE_<LANG>_CLANG_TIDY in buildvariables doc 2 years ago
Martchus 6376819c07 Apply cmake-format v0.6.0 2 years ago
Martchus 9a95db3773 Add BinaryReader::readRemainingBytes() 2 years ago
Martchus a841d764d5 Use override in test fixtures 2 years ago
Martchus 43d2d280e1 Fix Bash completion for dirs when not using actual dir 2 years ago
Martchus 014127e4c4 Enable NativeFileStream under Linux by default 2 years ago
Martchus e8d829cadd Add helper to ease creation of flag enums 2 years ago
Martchus 99bc257755 Apply cmake-format 3 years ago
Chih-Hsuan Yen 5f65ca43fa
Fix building on Mac OS X/macOS 3 years ago
Martchus 1be20da35a Make use of std::filesystem optional 3 years ago
Martchus 5efb1b4710 Install the version template 3 years ago
Martchus 76b24ceae8 Enable NativeFileStream by default under Windows and Android 3 years ago
Martchus e18731d438 Remove polyfill for std::make_unique 3 years ago
Martchus 4c1b733290 Rework ArgumentParser::parseArgs() 3 years ago
Martchus d9b4ca5381 Fix build when not file system library required 3 years ago
Martchus 1ad90eb770 Use std::filesystem in argumentparser.cpp 3 years ago
Martchus bc0d7af67f Apply cmake-format 0.5.1 3 years ago
Martchus e120a897c5 Add use_package to 3rdParty 3 years ago
Martchus c904014794 Make math functions templates and move to misc 3 years ago
Martchus a17f322f3c Apply cmake-format 3 years ago