Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities
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Martchus c931e2d928 Fix missing `#pragma GCC diagnostic push` 1 week ago
argumentparsertests.cpp Fix typos found via `codespell --skip .git -w` 11 months ago
calculateoverallcoverage.awk Fix calculation of overall test coverage 5 years ago
chronotests.cpp Add `TickType` and integer overloads to chrono utilities 3 months ago
conversiontests.cpp Possibly avoid ambiguous function call in conversion tests 6 months ago
cppunit.cpp minor adjustments 6 years ago
cppunit.h Print "Executing test" via cppunit.h 2 years ago
iotests.cpp Fix missing `#pragma GCC diagnostic push` 1 week ago
mathtests.cpp Fix old namespaces being mentioned in the documentation 3 years ago
misctests.cpp Add version header to libraries 3 years ago
outputcheck.h Have everything in one top-level namespace 3 years ago
stringbuilder-bench.cpp Use DateTime::exactGmtNow in stringbuilder benchmark 4 years ago Update summary of stringbuilder benchmark 5 years ago
testutils.cpp Add WorkingCopyMode::Cleanup 5 months ago
testutils.h Add test helper to use std::optional via CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL 2 weeks ago
traitstests.cpp Fix Traits::IsSpecializationOf for references 2 years ago