Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities
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Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities.


The library utilizes:

  • parsing command-line arguments
  • chronology (DateTime and TimeSpan classes)
  • conversion of primitive data types to byte-buffers (litte-endian, big-endian) and vice versa
  • common string conversions/operations, eg.
  • split, join, findAndReplace
  • numberToString, stringToNumber
  • encodeBase64, decodeBase64
  • IO
  • reading/writing primitive data types of various sizes (little-endian, big-endian)
  • reading/writing terminated strings and size-prefixed strings
  • bitwise reading
  • parsing INI files

Build instructions


  • C++ compiler supporting C++11 (I've tested GNU g++, Clang and mingw-w64 yet.)
  • CMake to build
  • cppunit to build and run unit tests
  • The c++utilities library only depends on the C++ standard library. For dependencies of my other projects check the of these projects.

How to build

Just run:

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/where/you/want/to/install" "path/to/projectdirectory"
make check # build and run unit tests (optional)
make install

Building with qmake is also possible:

INSTALL_ROOT="/where/you/want/to/install" qmake-qt5 "path/to/projectfile"
make && make install

Building for Windows with Mingw-w64 cross compiler can be utilized using a small cmake wrapper from Fedora:

${_arch}-cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/where/you/want/to/install" "path/to/projectdirectory"
make && make install

To create *.ico files for application icons ffmpeg is required.

In any case, the make option -j can be used for concurrent compilation.

Creating Arch Linux package

The repository PKGBUILDs contains files for building Arch Linux packages. PKGBUILD files to build for Windows using the Mingw-w64 compiler are also included.


  • Because of GCC Bug 66145 usage of the new libstdc++ ABI is currently disabled. Linking against cppunit built using new libstdc++ ABI isn't possible.


  • rewrite argument parser
  • remove unused features