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C++ utilities

Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities.


The library utilizes:

  • parsing command-line arguments and providing Bash completion
  • dealing with dates and times
  • conversion of primitive data types to byte-buffers and vice versa (litte-endian and big-endian)
  • common string conversions/operations, eg.
  • character set conversion via iconv
  • split, join, find and replace
  • conversion from number to string and vice verca
  • encoding/decoding base-64
  • building string without multiple heap allocations (string builder)
  • IO
  • reading/writing primitive data types of various sizes (little-endian and big-endian)
  • reading/writing terminated strings and size-prefixed strings
  • reading/writing INI files
  • reading bitwise
  • building with CMake by providing some modules and templates

Build instructions


Build-only dependencies

  • C++ compiler supporting C++14, tested with
  • GNU g++
  • Clang
  • mingw-w64 g++
  • Cygwin g++
  • CMake (at least 3.3.0)
  • cppunit for unit tests (optional)
  • Doxygen for API documentation (optional)
  • Graphviz for diagrams in the API documentation (optional)
  • clang-format for tidying (optional)

Runtime dependencies

  • The c++utilities library itself only needs
  • C/C++ standard library supporting C++14
  • libiconv (might be part of glibc or provided as extra library)
  • For dependencies of my other projects check the README.md of these projects.

How to build

Just run:

cd "path/to/build/directory"
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/final/install/location" "path/to/projectdirectory"
make tidy # format source files (optional)
make check # build and run unit tests (optional)
make apidoc # build API documentation (optional)
make DESTDIR="/temporary/install/location" install

General notes

  • Building with qmake is not supported anymore.
  • The make option -j can be used for concurrent compilation.
  • LIB_SUFFIX, LIB_SUFFIX_32 and LIB_SUFFIX_64 can be set to specify a suffix for the library directory, eg. lib64 or lib32. The 32/64 variants are only used when building for 32/64-bit architecture.
  • By default the build system will build shared libs. To build also static libraries, set ENABLE_STATIC_LIBS=ON. To disable building shared libs set DISABLE_SHARED_LIBS=ON.
  • By default the build system will prefer linking against shared libraries. To force linking against static libraries set STATIC_LINKAGE=ON. However, this will only affect applications. To force linking statically when building shared libraries set STATIC_LIBRARY_LINKAGE=ON.

Building for Windows

Building for Windows with Mingw-w64 cross compiler can be utilized using a small cmake wrapper from Fedora:

${_arch}-cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/final/install/location" "path/to/source/directory"
make DESTDIR="/temporary/install/location" install-mingw-w64-strip
  • To create the *.ico file for the application icon ffmpeg/avconv is required.
  • The target install-mingw-w64-strip in the example will only install files suitable for creating a cross-compiler package and additionally strip the binaries.

Development builds

During development I find it useful to build all required projects (for instace c++utilities, qtutilities, tagparser and tageditor) as one big project.

This can be easily achieved by using CMake's add_subdirectory() function. For project files see the repository subdirs. For an example, see build instructions for Syncthing Tray.

For a debug build, just use -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug.

Arch Linux package

The repository PKGBUILDs contains files for building Arch Linux packages.

PKGBUILD files to build for Windows using the Mingw-w64 compiler are also included.

RPM packages

RPM *.spec files can be found at openSUSE Build Servide. Those files have only been tested under Tumbleweed so far.


Packages are provided by perfect7gentleman; checkout his repository.


Scripts to build with Cygwin are provided by svnpenn. Checkout his repository.

General notes

  • There is a workaround for GCC Bug 66145 provided in io/catchiofailure.h.


  • remove unused features