Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities
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Martchus 37c98b2f91 Allow ~OutputCheck() to throw so assert behaves as expected 4 years ago
argumentparsertests.cpp Fix parsing top-level argument after abbreviation 4 years ago
calculateoverallcoverage.awk Fix calculation of overall test coverage 5 years ago
chronotests.cpp Improve period compution 4 years ago
conversiontests.cpp Improve conversion tests 5 years ago
cppunit.cpp minor adjustments 6 years ago
cppunit.h Improve coding style in test utilities 4 years ago
iotests.cpp Apply tidy after updating to clang-format 5.0.0 4 years ago
mathtests.cpp Fix compiling math tests under 32-bit architectures 4 years ago
outputcheck.h Allow ~OutputCheck() to throw so assert behaves as expected 4 years ago
stringbuilder-bench.cpp string builder: Support integral types directly 5 years ago Update summary of stringbuilder benchmark 5 years ago
testutils.cpp Improve documentation of testutils 4 years ago
testutils.h testutils: Allow asserting maps/hashes 4 years ago
traitstests.cpp Add trait to check whether type is complete 4 years ago