A video downloader with Qt GUI (currently only YouTube and Vimeo are maintained)
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Video Downloader

A video downloader with Qt GUI and backends for multiple platforms, e.g. YouTube and Vimeo.

Note: This project is not maintained anymore so any provider-specific code might be outdated and not work anymore. I keep the project around as an example for doing HTTP downloads with Qt showing the progress and speed in a list view.

This is just a downloader. It does not convert or mux anything. You might use ffmpeg or mkvmerge to convert/remux downloaded videos.

It seems that not all YouTube videos work anymore. Since this is mainly a learning/test project for me I currently have no intention to fix it.

Supported YouTube quality levels

The downloader allows to download any quality, including the HD qualities. However 1080p streams (and above) are only provided as video-only or audio-only stream by YouTube which currently need to be downloaded separately and then muxed together.

Build instructions

The video downloader depends on c++utilities and qtutilities and is built in the same way as these libraries.

The following Qt modules are required: core gui widgets network