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Library that bundles ForkAwesome for use within Qt applications

Updated 1 month ago

Experimental project containing INOFFICIAL tools to manage custom Arch Linux repositories; built on top of tools provided by the pacman and devtools packages.

Updated 13 hours ago

Open Source Continuous File Synchronization; contains branches to build Syncthing as a C library

Updated 1 month ago

Runs a script for each file in a directory hierarchy using GNU parallel

Updated 1 year ago

Tool to find icons used by Qt Widgets or Qt Quick applications

Updated 3 years ago

Simple app based on Qt's accelbubble example to test building apps for Android with Qt5, Kirigami and OpenSSL

Updated 4 years ago

Playing around with ALPM, Bootstrap, single page web apps, websockets, ...

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 8 months ago

Fork of Arch Linux devtools from

Updated 5 months ago

A repository for testing Gogs features

Updated 4 years ago

Records sound from Pulse Audio with ffmpeg while watching D-Bus to determine tracks and meta information

Updated 4 years ago

Command line tool for basic calculations with geo coordinates such as format conversions and calculation of distance, bearing, mid point, destination and more

Updated 4 years ago

A video downloader with Qt GUI (currently only YouTube and Vimeo are maintained)

Updated 3 months ago