909 Commits (6d5045c2b1bdd323e4403529e511532d9d8fd727)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Martchus 6d5045c2b1 Port away from deprecated WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module 1 year ago
Martchus b22a600e77 Fix broken code in ArgumentParser::printBashCompletion() leading to crashes 1 year ago
Martchus f549285fde Fix splitString()/splitStringSimple() for case of empty trailing part 1 year ago
Martchus 0fb533ffc5 Format attempted test file/dir lookups more nicely in the error case 1 year ago
Martchus f30947cc75 Fix plural of parameter 1 year ago
Martchus e2a7d807a3 Disable warnings about unused const variables 1 year ago
Martchus b43de126b9 Retain source compatibility of numberToString()/stringToNumber() 1 year ago
Martchus a30ba0c147 Ensure still the right stringToNumber() overload is called for char arrays 1 year ago
Martchus 42132719e5 Remove comments about std::expected (which didn't even make it into C++20) 1 year ago
Martchus 9c532cbdd9 Ignore unknown warning options 1 year ago
Martchus 8c033ca243 Fix warnings 1 year ago
Martchus d38a9bb776 Disable/weaken a few warnings again which don't seem to be very usefull after all 1 year ago
Martchus f5aeeb77aa Add CMake variable to enable defaults useful for development 1 year ago
Martchus 5b8520d50c Add CMake variables to conveniently enable warnings and treat them as errors 1 year ago
Martchus cd43879390 Remove uses of USES_TERMINAL without COMMAND again as it is not possible 1 year ago
Martchus 3c8eb5a333 Apply clang-format 1 year ago
Martchus 4fc415ed5a Allow following test output live when building with ninja 1 year ago
Martchus cc63c8c250 Improve parameter-passing in some string conversion functions 1 year ago
Martchus 6968716d5c Avoid using substr in splitString()/splitStringSimple() 1 year ago
Martchus 27e9761f63 Adjust conditions for C++20 for g++ 2 years ago
Martchus c61a1784ec Allow using splitStringSimple() with `std::unordered_set` in C++20 2 years ago
Martchus d1e3a28277 Apply cmake-format 2 years ago
Martchus cabcc11d3e Incorporate extra target suffix used when targeting MinGW in pkg-config file 2 years ago
Martchus 7fb2a9ed73 Avoid duplicating the `lib` prefix in the pkg-config file 2 years ago
Martchus 0be639ea97 Use `-lfoo` form in pkg-config file if dependency doesn't look like a path 2 years ago
Martchus b1b0c10366 Prevent reading library properties from interface library targets 2 years ago
Martchus 566d1cc42a Bump patch version 2 years ago
Martchus 9fb3bbe179 Export a target for using only headers of a library 2 years ago
Martchus 27c8a17f99 Allow enforcing absence of a target suffix for Syncthing Tray's test helper 2 years ago
Martchus 47f7252bc0 Remove leftover message from debugging 2 years ago
Martchus 7ad2a9818d Support target suffix when generating the dependency list for the config header 2 years ago
Martchus a5d2aa15e0 Support Qt 6 modules when generating the dependency list for the config header 2 years ago
Martchus f109d36ad2 Add Argument::firstValueOr() for conveniently accessing the first value with a fallback 2 years ago
Martchus 8a9d72bee9 Disable linking against default Qt plugins 2 years ago
Martchus 293b18b607 Mark destructor of NativeFileStream as override 2 years ago
Martchus 80d2823915 Add PROJECT_CONFIG_SUFFIX to the config header 2 years ago
Martchus 9e940a7858 Add helper to modify a flag enum 2 years ago
Martchus 6905b1a216 Apply cmake-format 2 years ago
Martchus 70f827c78e Apply clang-format 2 years ago
Martchus 28b924fe30 Document API/ABI stability 2 years ago
Martchus ee96e03043 Mark formattedPhraseString() as experimental 2 years ago
Martchus df126ab51c Use std::size_t consistently 2 years ago
Martchus c6095fbaf8 Add –formattedPhraseString() 2 years ago
Martchus a40ee3aa7e Use query_qmake_variable_path if available 2 years ago
Martchus 685fbdb78e Document BUILTIN_TRANSLATIONS_OF_QT 2 years ago
Martchus b84a8fb5e5 Document META_QT_VERSION variable 2 years ago
Martchus f9c93baeab Improve build variables documentation 2 years ago
Martchus e5989dd4d1 Allow setting a display name for the configuration 2 years ago
Martchus e6f4bf3561 Apply clang-format 2 years ago
Martchus 1f4fabcd9f Add operators '*' and '/' to TimeSpan 2 years ago