925 Commits (b3ebe5ce38068d031b0320e708bd85841efb125d)

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Martchus b3ebe5ce38 Fix typos found via `codespell --skip .git -w` 7 months ago
Martchus 6d1f242edc Fix typo 7 months ago
Martchus 2d50799cff Set C++ standard within `use_standard_filesystem()` in a generic way 7 months ago
Martchus e961eb9726 Extend compile test for standard filesystem 7 months ago
Martchus 8bda5ce146 Bump patch version 7 months ago
Martchus 95202d059a Fix typo 8 months ago
Martchus 5e1ff7ccb0 Update README 8 months ago
Martchus 1ac1104535 Add workaround for Windows-specific console problems 8 months ago
Martchus e6e7a63d6a Make DateTime::fromString() cope with 'T' separator 8 months ago
Martchus a116c9e790 Avoid possibility of overflow in DateTime parsing functions 8 months ago
Martchus 2e93882882 Reduce redundant code in stringconversion.h 8 months ago
Martchus 3afed30760 Detect overflow in functions to convert strings to numbers 8 months ago
Martchus d5e35e460c Fix a few details in string conversion functions 8 months ago
Martchus 546b1fecb7 Fix parsing ISO timestamp with negative timezone offset and no seconds fraction 8 months ago
Martchus 63955ffcc5 Avoid including ranges header under reflective-rapidjson's generator 8 months ago
Martchus 7cea979261 Remove obsolete comment about ios_base::failure and new ABI 8 months ago
Martchus 6d5045c2b1 Port away from deprecated WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module 8 months ago
Martchus b22a600e77 Fix broken code in ArgumentParser::printBashCompletion() leading to crashes 8 months ago
Martchus f549285fde Fix splitString()/splitStringSimple() for case of empty trailing part 9 months ago
Martchus 0fb533ffc5 Format attempted test file/dir lookups more nicely in the error case 10 months ago
Martchus f30947cc75 Fix plural of parameter 10 months ago
Martchus e2a7d807a3 Disable warnings about unused const variables 10 months ago
Martchus b43de126b9 Retain source compatibility of numberToString()/stringToNumber() 10 months ago
Martchus a30ba0c147 Ensure still the right stringToNumber() overload is called for char arrays 10 months ago
Martchus 42132719e5 Remove comments about std::expected (which didn't even make it into C++20) 10 months ago
Martchus 9c532cbdd9 Ignore unknown warning options 10 months ago
Martchus 8c033ca243 Fix warnings 10 months ago
Martchus d38a9bb776 Disable/weaken a few warnings again which don't seem to be very usefull after all 10 months ago
Martchus f5aeeb77aa Add CMake variable to enable defaults useful for development 10 months ago
Martchus 5b8520d50c Add CMake variables to conveniently enable warnings and treat them as errors 10 months ago
Martchus cd43879390 Remove uses of USES_TERMINAL without COMMAND again as it is not possible 10 months ago
Martchus 3c8eb5a333 Apply clang-format 11 months ago
Martchus 4fc415ed5a Allow following test output live when building with ninja 11 months ago
Martchus cc63c8c250 Improve parameter-passing in some string conversion functions 11 months ago
Martchus 6968716d5c Avoid using substr in splitString()/splitStringSimple() 11 months ago
Martchus 27e9761f63 Adjust conditions for C++20 for g++ 12 months ago
Martchus c61a1784ec Allow using splitStringSimple() with `std::unordered_set` in C++20 12 months ago
Martchus d1e3a28277 Apply cmake-format 1 year ago
Martchus cabcc11d3e Incorporate extra target suffix used when targeting MinGW in pkg-config file 1 year ago
Martchus 7fb2a9ed73 Avoid duplicating the `lib` prefix in the pkg-config file 1 year ago
Martchus 0be639ea97 Use `-lfoo` form in pkg-config file if dependency doesn't look like a path 1 year ago
Martchus b1b0c10366 Prevent reading library properties from interface library targets 1 year ago
Martchus 566d1cc42a Bump patch version 1 year ago
Martchus 9fb3bbe179 Export a target for using only headers of a library 1 year ago
Martchus 27c8a17f99 Allow enforcing absence of a target suffix for Syncthing Tray's test helper 1 year ago
Martchus 47f7252bc0 Remove leftover message from debugging 1 year ago
Martchus 7ad2a9818d Support target suffix when generating the dependency list for the config header 1 year ago
Martchus a5d2aa15e0 Support Qt 6 modules when generating the dependency list for the config header 1 year ago
Martchus f109d36ad2 Add Argument::firstValueOr() for conveniently accessing the first value with a fallback 1 year ago
Martchus 8a9d72bee9 Disable linking against default Qt plugins 1 year ago