105 Commits (a93924bb3a5b4c6881e0f982830cbf79d2f1bcd3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Martchus a93924bb3a Fix cleanup of signatures 1 year ago
Martchus c68202bdc1 Add test for repository cleanup 1 year ago
Martchus 1cc8a3d6db Add warnings about missing DLLs to the build action's result 1 year ago
Martchus 2ad4a39aea Handle case when a split package overrides the archs from the base 1 year ago
Martchus 95ae827c74 Fix applying relative working directory multiple times 1 year ago
Martchus 1ce736d66f Fix passing the body limit to nested `cachePackages()` calls 1 year ago
Martchus 075f539480 Avoid copying strings when splitting lock names for custom command 1 year ago
Martchus f3ec908bcc Hold lock for named lock table not while acquiring named lock 1 year ago
Martchus 4850ada836 Add instructions for sharing ccache with other user 1 year ago
Martchus bbc7c3a533 Ignore empty packages within the cache dir 1 year ago
Martchus e5f4057c61 Use BufferSearch from c++utilities 1 year ago
Martchus bc8a0549b2 Log package download limit 1 year ago
Martchus 909f7bfab0 Use default package download size limit if it is set to zero 1 year ago
Martchus e0a913b16c Apply clang-format 1 year ago
Martchus c10df26871 Adapt to versioning changes in reflective rapidjson 1 year ago
Martchus e3803b9852 Mention limitation of open connections in README.md 1 year ago
Martchus c05a581322 Increase the max. download size for packages and allow configuring it 1 year ago
Martchus 5ec527bebb Fix typo in test suite consistently 1 year ago
Martchus a2fbba9713 Allow constructing BadRequest from std::string 1 year ago
Martchus b5ca815e4c Allow excluding packages via regex when reloading library dependencies 1 year ago
Martchus d006c9ce4f Fix error handling when instantiating `std::regex` 1 year ago
Martchus 17c5f50440 Do not exit process if config values are invalid 1 year ago
Martchus 49aebdd8a5 Fix typos found via `codespell --skip .git -w` 1 year ago
Martchus 8b70cc5f8e Clear added/removed provides from previous builds 1 year ago
Martchus f685fddd20 Add `.pid`-equivalent for Boost.Asio's Windows-executor 1 year ago
Martchus 0a55412625 Remove unused #include 1 year ago
Martchus 687cf4f996 Make inclusion of tabulate project optional 1 year ago
Martchus d9203689a0 Fix param for PrepareBuildFlags::ResetChrootSettings 1 year ago
Martchus e1b1f99ecc Improve README.md and examples 2 years ago
Martchus 3a797bc8b6 Adapt test to fixed behavior of splitString*() to preserve last empty part 2 years ago
Martchus 9359004a10 Allow resetting chroot settings as well when preparing build 2 years ago
Martchus efbcef5e6e Fix error handling when makechrootpkg can not be invoked 2 years ago
Martchus b9c7f05ef1 Add missing include for condition_variable 2 years ago
Martchus 05ff6cd00f Do not set packages in conduct build actions when creating it form task 2 years ago
Martchus 6101eaa6b6 Ensure staging flag is not unset 2 years ago
Martchus a96ba707cd Populate list of packages to be re-built also for removed libraries 2 years ago
Martchus 12050364c8 Handle signature cleanup alongside related package even if package symlink broken 2 years ago
Martchus f621a87812 Update tabulate to v1.4 2 years ago
Martchus e4755a283b Prevent running out of memory when signing split packages 2 years ago
Martchus 56ad8ab761 web UI: Fix links to build action details in build action table 2 years ago
Martchus af4cd15ced Apply clang-format 2 years ago
Martchus 56ad086c0c Start the next job only if all start after actions were successful 2 years ago
Martchus 8e904ebfbf Fix starting first build action 2 years ago
Martchus 80c99cb179 Support receiving a body as well when handling chunks individually 2 years ago
Martchus f5d3bd41d1 cli: Allow streaming logfiles and artefacts 2 years ago
Martchus 977fd6f415 cli: Print logfiles and artefacts 2 years ago
Martchus 5d8dce0eed Update README.md 2 years ago
Martchus da9ddc2079 Apply clang-format 2 years ago
Martchus e47edcc09e Allow live-streaming via CLI 2 years ago
Martchus 338674a9e6 Fix returning output when no offset present 2 years ago